'I have a boa constrictor stuck to my face'

She'd rescued the snake the day before.

The woman had 11 snakes, including nine ball pythons and the boa constrictors.

Card said the snake, which the woman said was around five feet in length, was biting the woman's nose and just wouldn't let go.

The Fire Department would not release the name of the woman but said she was taken to a hospital with injuries that weren't life-threatening.

Firefighters raced to the woman's house in the small OH town of Sheffield Lake on Thursday and cut the 5 1/2-foot-long serpent's head off with a pocket knife. The dispatcher calmly tries to assist. A firefighter used a pocketknife to cut off the snake's head.

Firefighters were able to rescue the woman from Sheffield Lake, Ohio, an area west of Cleveland.

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On Thursday, the woman who has not been identified by name, made a frantic call to 911. By the time paramedics arrived, the constrictor was wrapped around her neck and there was blood everywhere.

The drama began when the unnamed woman placed a frantic 911 call to emergency services about 2pm local time.

"I've never heard of this before", the dispatcher is heard saying in a recording of the woman's call.

The woman declined an on camera interview.

"You arrested the boa constrictor yesterday?" the confused dispatcher asked, before the victim set the record straight.

"I would imagine the bite was very painful so she's gonna have to put up with that while [SIC] too".

  • Adam Floyd