Lebanese PM: We Took in Refugees, Now Keep the Aid Flowing

She said the council must get serious about enforcing its resolutions that have been routinely violated by Hezbollah and its backer Iran, including many calling on the militant group to disarm. Aid for Syrian refugees in the USA will likely dry up soon. And one of the things that we have made tremendous strides at is getting rid of ISIS.

Trump on Tuesday praised the LAF for "fighting continually to guard Lebanon's border and prevent ISIS and other terrorists - of which there are many - from gaining a foothold inside their country". "With the support of Iran, the organisation is also fuelling humanitarian catastrophe in Syria".

Another item on the prime minister's agenda is continued USA support for the Lebanese military. Last year, the Barack Obama administration requested $105 million in military assistance for the Lebanese army.

When reporters asked Trump about how the U.S. will help Lebanon with Syrian refugees, he responded: "We are helping".

The Lebanese PM said he discussed the proposed sanctions with Trump and will meet with U.S. lawmakers later this week.

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"The group continues to increase its military arsenal which threatens to start yet another conflict with Israel", Trump added.

President Donald Trump on Tuesday thanked Senate Republicans for voting to open debate on a measure to repeal Obamacare, though it remains unclear what that proposal will be.

However, with the Trump administration seeking to slash the State Department budget on foreign spending and military aid, there are concerns that the funding for Lebanon's military will be completely cut in 2018. Aoun named Hariri prime minister as part of a compromise deal of sorts, and while Hariri has an adversarial relationship with the organization, its members nonetheless have significant power within the government. Of Republican Senators Susan Collins (ME) and Lisa Murkowski (AK), who both voted against the motion, Trump said only, "It's sad".

"Had president Obama gone across that line and done what he should have done, I don't believe you'd have Russian Federation, and I don't believe you'd have Iran, anywhere near the extent and maybe not at all, in Syria today", Trump said.

Lebanese officials, however, have expressed concern that the broadening of United States sanctions on the group will damage the country's banking industry due to Hizballah's influence in the sector. It was the first direct United States assault on the Syrian army since Syrian crisis began six years ago. "I can look out at your faces and you have the same reaction I do, which is that that's an awfully small number".

  • Adam Floyd