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Your garden will respond this month to the long days of sunshine and warm weather. The annuals you planted earlier in the year should be looking their best and the fruit trees should be loaded with fruit. Some of the vegetables you've planted are being harvested and your garden should look spectacular.

Color: While many of your annuals are probably at their peak, it's not too late to add a few Plants to your beds and pots. Marigolds, Salvia, Zinnia, Verbena and many other varieties are available to plant in the sun. As always, Begonias and Impatiens are available for shade along with Coleus and Kalanchoe.

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Fruits & amp; Vegetables: Plums and Peaches on your fruit trees should be ready to pick and enjoy. Early crops such as beans and cucumbers may be ready to harvest this month. Remove fruit and vegetables as they ripen. Leaving them on the plant can encourage pests and diseases. You can replant now for another crop crop later this year. Prune spent canes off fruiting vines.

Lawn: Raising the blade on your lawnmower and allowing the blades to grow to 2-2 ½ "will help keep the ground moisture in your

Roses & Flowers: Deadhead roses and feed after the bloom cycle Keep deadheading all flowers To prolong the bloom period.

Mulch flower beds and around shrubs and trees to help retain moisture through these typically hottest months.

  • Adam Floyd