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As the name of the mocha / mocha is not easily applied to a toponym to an island, I searched some documents fron the University of Social Sciences, Chile, and found that Mocha Island was called Amocha. I have not found yet if Amocha is a patronymic or derived from a Mapuche word.
1. adj. Especially said of a cuckold animal, a tree or a tower: It lacks tip or due termination. adj. Coloq. Peeled or with cropped hair. adj. Chile. Said of a religious: layman. U. t. C. s.
This ysla said de Amocha [ ...]. Tenra one league wide and two and a half around. Oh, more than eight hundred Indians. [...] and then the Indians came and told us to sit down, and we would not go ahead and kill us. The captain ordered them to be killed, and up to fourteen Indians were killed, and the others fled, and two men lost their way, and we got into the galley. And with the service that we carried we loaded the ships of mayz and potatoes and frisoles, which avia large amount. And it was that in the season that we arrived there were two different lords who were in that ysla, and so we were not defended. And as they, in general condition, strike each other's evil, they did not confederate, and we certainly took it. Although I have been seen in many provinces, I have not seen Indians who are more furnished with provisions and better houses than in this country. But it is not surprising, because the land is very fertile. And made this leap and rrancheria, as we say here, we sailed, and we duel to the city. (Bibar 1979 [1558]). The Mapuche Mocha Island from the perspective of Europeans: 1554-1687 Htm

  • Adam Floyd