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Cape-pondweed ......

distachyos Aponogeton L. f

Family. Aponogetonaceae (Aponogetonáceas)

This is a Sp. Of aquatic plant with floating leaves of elliptical form and of whole edge. The flowers are arranged in white spikes emerging above the surface. It is widely cultivated for its flowers, which give off a sweet aroma.

Thrives in ponds in temperate areas of South Africa, with a Mediterranean climate, rainy winters in the southwestern region of the Provinces Cape and Mpumalanga.

It adapts to grow in ponds and wetlands, which dry in summer.

It was introduced under cultivation in Europe in the 17th century, and later to other parts of the world.

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It is popular in aquatic gardens because its blossoms occur in the cold season.

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It blossoms early in the growing season, with dormancy in the summer, and returns to late afternoon in the season.

Where the climate is mild, bloom all winter.

In deeper waters, dormancy is still winter, but it's a good idea to cover them or enter them in severe winters.

It has escaped to natural environments, and established extensively in Australia; Naturalized in the south of France and in England. In North America alone it has naturalized in central coasts and in Southern California.

In southern South America only found naturalized in the tenth region of Chile.

The aponogetonáceas are a Family of monocotyledonous, aquatic, herbaceous, perennial plants.

They belong to the order Alismatales and are circumscribed by a single genre. Aponogeton Lf, which has 54 species

All of them have been in tropical and subtropical regions of the Old World

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Lucien Hauman Botanical Garden, City of Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA

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