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The masked weaver (Ploceus velatus) is a bird of the family Ploceidae (weavers). This species is widespread and found in very diverse habitats such as shrubs, savannahs, grasslands, open forests, wetlands and semi-desert areas.

Ploceus velatus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It is also found in gardens and urban parks.


The masked weaver measures 11-14.5 cm in length and has a strong short conical peak and pink-brown paws . The adult male with its breeding plumage has the black face, throat and beak, red eyes, head and lower areas of bright yellow, and a yellowish-green back. The female has a pinkish-brown beak , brown or red-brown eyes and a yellowish-greenish color, somewhat darker on its posterior dorsum. His throat is yellowish, turning white in his belly. Non-breeding males resemble females but retain red eye. The young specimens of this species resemble the female.

The call is raucous, similar to other weavers. It also produces a distinctive chuk alarm call.

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