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Common names: Gray-headed perlite, common perlite, blue-gray or gray perlite, blue-gray sardine and rabuite Scientific name: Polioptila caerulea

Gray Gnatcatcher

Place of capture: Dinner Island Ranch Wildlife Management Area, Florida, USA

Polioptilidae is a family of small passerine birds. The 15 or 20 species of small birds of this family live throughout America except in the extreme south and high regions of the Andes. Most of the species in this mostly tropical and subtropical group are permanent residents, but Polioptila caerulea from the United States and southern Canada migrates south to spend the winter.

These delicate birds resemble The Sylviidae (Old World) in their structure and habits, and move continuously among the foliage in search of insects. There are three genera in this family: Polioptila (called synsontillos, perlitas, tacuaritas, in English gnatcatchers), Microbates and Ramphocaenus (the last two called soterillos, in English gnatwrens). The snakes are mostly soft blue-gray, and have the long, sharp beak typical of insectivorous birds. Many species have distinctive black head patterns (especially males) and long, often raised, black and white tails. Soters are browner, coarser, and proportionate with shorter tails and longer peaks.

Soils typically appear in the undergrowth of dense, often humid forests, while the monsoons, depending on the species in question, appear anywhere from dry bush habitats (such as Polioptila californica) to the canopy of the Amazon rainforest (such as Polioptila guianensis). North American species nest in shrubs or trees, but the reproductive behavior of several of the neotropical species is essentially unknown.

collared gnatwren, collared soterillo

Microbates cinereiventris, carileonado soterillo

Ramphocaenus melanurus, soterillo weevil

white-lored gnatcatcher, tacuarita white front

Polioptila caerulea, blue tacuarita gray

Polioptila californica, California tacuarita ​​p>

Iquitos gnatcatcher, tacuarita of Iquitos or perlite Iquitos

Von Gutenberg Cover

masked gnatcatcher, masked tacuarita

Polioptila berlepschi (Polioptila (dumicola) berlepschi) tacuarita Berlepsch

Polioptila guianensis, tacuarita Guyana

Polioptila paraensis (Polioptila (guianensis) paraensis), tacuarita Para

Poliptila facilis (Polioptila (guianensis) facilis), tacuarita Rio Black

Polioptila lactea, tacuarita cream belly

Polioptila lembeyei, Cuban tacuarita

Polioptila melanura, tacuarita black-tailed

Polioptila nigriceps, tacuarita black crown

tropical Gnatcatcher, tropical tacuarita ​​p>

Polioptila biline ata (Polioptila (plumbea) bilineata), tacuarita white eyebrow

Polioptila maior (Polioptila (plumbea) maior), tacuarita Cashew

Polioptila schistaceigula, tacuarita of slaty throat

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