Northern Lights possible tonight in northern United States

The lights are usually visible in the far northern and southern parts of the world, according to USA Today.

A recent solar flare erupted out of a sunspot late Thursday, which released a wave of charged particles that is now headed toward Earth.

Northern lights tend to peak around midnight.

The best time to see the lights should be between 11 p.m. Sunday night and 5 a.m. Monday morning.

As this energy hits Earth, Northern Lights can flare.

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A look at last night's coronal mass ejection that is expected to reach earth late Sunday/early Monday.

Check out NOAA's Space Weather Prediction Center for more information online or follow them on Twitter. The sky lit up across the country and even south into the United States.

Sky-watchers from coast to coast have the rare chance to catch a glimpse of auroras on Sunday night (July 16).

CLICK THIS LINK for the latest 30-minute "forecast" for auroral activity, paying special attention to how far south the red "view line" extends. In Rhode Island, Massachusetts and CT, find the darkest sky you can and look north. You may see a faint glow or much more.

If you luck out and see the Northern Lights let me know on Facebook! If you'd like to see it, the best chance will be away from cities and on the Washington side.

  • Adam Floyd