Sweet bread of Pumpkin and Saffron. - With Flour In My Shoes

I think lately I'm getting addicted to breads and sweet doughs. If it were not for lack of time, I think that would be the only thing that would bake every week. I enjoy kneading, and this type of breads have me hooked. Especially since I practically live in Pinterest. Infinity of brioches, breads and other sweet masses tempt me every time I pass by. And that's how I found this Pumpkin and Saffron Bread . A sweet bread very tender and aromatic, and that once you start it is impossible to stop. I'm telling you right now that it's addictive.

It's a simple recipe I've found in The Moonblush Baker , a blog for which it's worth taking a walk, many more appetizing recipes and some of them are already on my list.

Sweet bread of Pumpkin and Saffron. - With Flour In My Shoes

I like everything: color, aroma, flavor ... It is amazing the special flavor of saffron, which certainly combines perfectly with the pumpkin. Seriously, if with the rest of recipes I always tell you that you have to do them, with this one, I insist, it is obligatory. I think it's one of the richest breads I've tasted lately. Besides, it's not complicated, and the result I can assure you is worth it. I will repeat the weekend.

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  • Adam Floyd