Steelers Make Forbes List Of Most Valuable Sports Teams

The Red Devils were valued at $3.69 billion by the American business magazine ahead of Barcelona and Real Madrid.

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The Washington Redskins remain one of the most valuable sports franchises in the world, but D.C.'s National Football League team dropped out of the top 10 on Forbes "Most Valuable Sports Teams" list this year. Despite the nice growth in overall value to $1.88 billion from last year's valuation of $1.53 billion, the percentage drop in growth is quite a bit, since last year the Chiefs increased in value almost 40 percent year over year.

The New York Yankees ranked second - up from fourth a year ago - with a value of $3.7 billion.

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"Jerry Jones turned a money-losing franchise into the most profitable sports franchise in the world as AT&T Stadium generates the highest sponsorship and premium seating revenue in the sport".

No NHL or F1 teams made the top 50.

The Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League come in on top as the most valuable followed in second by baseball's New York Yankees.

Behind them are Manchester City, named as the 35th richest team in the world with a $2.1bn valuation, Arsenal at 43rd with a $1.9bn valuation and Chelsea at 48th with a $1.8bn valuation.

  • Desiree Holland