Strangers Form Giant Human Chain To Save Swimmers From Rip Current

A stunning demonstration of human dignity was witnessed in Panama Beach City when dozens of strangers came together to form a big human chain to salvage a family from a rip current.

Panama City Beach, Florida, Roberta Ursrey, 34, and her family where at the Panama City Beach this past Saturday.

The boys' mother, Roberta Ursrey, and her husband, nephews, mother and two daughters tried to swim out to rescue them.

If you ever become caught in a rip current, remain calm to conserve energy and think clearly, don't fight against the current, and attempt to swim out of the current in a direction following the shoreline. "You know, everyone's pointing", Derek Simmons said. She and her family ran to rescue them, but the current was too strong and they ended up being pulled out themselves. Bystanders started forming a human chain until there were dozens of people in this group partaking in an fantastic rescue that stretched far off shore.

She said: "They were screaming and crying that they were stuck".

Suddenly, she heard their frantic cries for help. "Without them, we wouldn't be her", she added. Said Simmons: "It was the most remarkable thing to see".

She said they were stuck in about 15 feet of water.

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It was at that point people started shouting, "Form a human chain!"

Simmons, his wife and other family members were enjoying a nice day at the beach when they noticed that a group of people were in trouble. "I just wish I could share a picture or video of it. Man it was life changing to witness it (sic)", Jessica posted on her Facebook page.

Beachgoers saw the family struggling to get out of the current, so they formed a chain.

"[Jessica and I] are no Olympic swimmers, not even Coast Guard swimmers but just two average people who spend a lot of time in the water", Simmons said.

Nearly 20 minutes after being stranded in the water, Ms Ursrey and her family were growing increasingly exhausted. The most hard to help was Roberta Ursrey's 67-year-old mother, who suffered a heart attack in the water and was "lifeless" according to Simmons.

Ms Beckton, 38, a regular visitor to the beach, noted the absence of lifeguards at that time. All to save the lives of ten strangers who were swept out to sea by a vicious rip current, tearing them away from the shore.

The human chain eventually grew to 80 people, including some who couldn't swim but helped from the shallows, stretching over 100 yards into the water. Several were taken to the hospital and were in stable condition as of July 11.

  • Adam Floyd