Hello again! How was the vacation? Mine finalized and taken advantage of ... there has even been room to make me plants and essences that are not easily found in Spain ... I will tell you! During the last days I have been preparing "my return to school" of work, studies ... and, of course, natural cosmetics. For sample, a spoon: I count you:

. Blue spoon: rinse vinegar with orange scent, so that the hair is smooth soft and resplendent.

. Spoon purple: shampoo with green nettle and rosemary so that the usual fall hair fall is not so abrupt.

. Pink spoon: body butter with mousse texture and a slight aroma of coconut ... mmmmm

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. Green spoon: Very soft facial scrub to use every night. It has ground almonds, green clay, chamomile flowers and lavender and palmarrosa essential oils.

. Orange spoon: night cream with aloe vera and rosehip.

Before I say goodbye to two things:
. You have asked me about the entries of "cosmetics of the century of lights" ... In a few days there will be a new entry, I am glad you like them. I wanted to thank you for all the good reviews of Menta Cooler. You do not know how glad I am that you have delighted; this week I will put on another new soap so in a month or so, news!

  • Adam Floyd