Sporadic clashes in Iraq's Mosul after victory declaration

(Iraqi Prime Minister's Media Office via AP).

The U.S. -led coalition warned that victory in Mosul did not mark the end of the group's global threat. Numerous families we met in camps for internally displaced people expressed fear, worry, and lack of hope for safety and stability in Mosul.

Abadi traveled to Mosul on Sunday to declare its complete liberation some three years after the strategic city fell to Daesh terrorists. One resident displaced from west Mosul told us that when Iraqi forces advanced, the mortars and missiles came with them. The operation killed thousands of people, left whole neighborhoods in ruins and displaced almost 900,000 from their homes.

"Mosul would have been a challenging fight for any army, and the coalition is proud to stand side-by-side with our Iraqi partners as they celebrate their hard-fought victory - a victory that has cost the lives of many fearless Iraqis; soldiers, police and civilians", Townsend said in a news release.

US officials say the 72-member anti-IS coalition on Wednesday will examine how to accelerate global efforts to defeat IS in the remaining areas the group holds in Iraq and Syria, while maximizing pressure globally on its branches, affiliates, and networks.

The government needs to work on "removing fears of marginalization and terrorism affiliation in Sunni areas", said al-Nouri, a senior member of the Badr Organization.

"Right now, there are a handful of holdout ISIS terrorists that the Iraqi security forces are still trying to root out of the Old City", Scrocca said.

In its report, Amnesty International alleged that all sides in the conflict violated international law in the battle for Mosul. What are the most serious allegations in your report against the coalition?

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The fight grew tougher when security forces entered the densely populated Old City on the western bank of the Tigris River, which divides the city, and intense street-to-street fighting followed.

The U.S. -led coalition fighting the Islamic State - called Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve - congratulated Iraqi security forces "on their remarkable progress against ISIS while making extraordinary efforts to safeguard civilian lives". In only the period covered by this report, in which Amnesty International documented 45 attacks, at least 426 civilians were killed as a result of attacks by Iraqi forces, who relied of imprecise and explosive weapons, and air strikes by coalition forces.

"I would challenge the people from Amnesty International or anyone else out there who makes these charges to first research their facts and make sure they're speaking from a position of authority", Townsend added.

In a statement, Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein demanded that the offenders should be brought to justice.

During its occupation of Mosul, ISIS destroyed numerous city's religious and cultural treasures, including the al-Nuri Mosque and the Tomb of the Prophet Jonah.

IS has lost most of the territory it once controlled, and the coalition is also aiming to oust the jihadists from their Syrian stronghold Raqa, which is under assault by US-backed Arab and Kurdish forces.

Associated Press writers Susannah George in Irbil, Iraq; Maamoun Youssef in Cairo; Jamey Keaten in Geneva; and Sinan Salaheddin and Muhanad al-Saleh in Baghdad contributed.

  • Adam Floyd