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From the Latin indulgentia, it means goodness, benevolence, grace, favor, forgiveness, remission.

Plenary indulgence means that the due penalty for the sin committed is completely forgiven . It does not mean to forgive sins, for that is the Sacrament of Forgiveness.

Sins are forgiven in Confession. Because of sin , is forgiven by the penance that we are given in confession, with works of charity, with the Mortification, or indulgences, partial or plenary.

Indulgence demands Confession.

For pilgrims: participating actively in each activity planned for the day.

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For those who do not We are physically present on the Day: Following the broadcast of the great events (Opening Mass, the Way of the Cross, the Sabbath Vigil, or the Closing Mass and Sunday Mass on Sunday 28) , Television, Internet, etc. Try to confess, at least a week before or after These great events. Pray for the Pope's health and intentions

And, in the Year of Faith, it is convenient to pray the Creed .

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