'Splatoon 2' Splatfest Demo Announced For July 15

As announced in the official Twitter account of Nintendo of America on Monday, July 3, the scheduled Nintendo Direct event on Thursday, July 6, will be entirely focusing on the sequel multiplayer shooter "Splatoon 2".

SplatNet 2 is a mobile phone feature that connects players to the game while they're on the go. In this case, which is better: cake or ice cream.

Splatfest, a periodic event established in Splatoon, is an epic four-on-four battle. Splatfest, as many of you already know, asks players to vote between two items, which players then defend on the battlefield.

The app would work only with Splatoon 2 at launch, giving users access to SplatNet 2. Finally, in a way, because by going to download the game Splatoon 2 Splatfest World Premier on the Switch eShop, it is possible to create his character, make a tutorial, and vote for the first festival of the game.

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The free version of the Nintendo Switch Online app will come with some limited features for gamers, including online matchmaking and online chat.

Splatoon 2 will have its own dedicated part of this application, SplatNet2. These features include information regarding stage schedules, gear and states, and players can check their lifetime inkage, a feature that shows how much turf a player has inked compared to real-life areas. The broadcast was not clear on if this will be done with in-game currency or through microtransactions.

The Nintendo Switch Online app and Splatoon 2 online multiplayer are free until the company officially launches its service for the Switch next year. Each Salmon Run game lasts three waves, with players having to collect a certain number of eggs each match, and the map gets smaller each wave. "But, as we've said, we want to grab new people". After all, Splatfests kept the first game alive, luring more casual players back with each competition.

  • Desiree Holland