Of The Chimera, The Pain | The day before yesterday

Track Name: Nothing Is Written It will be true that at heart we are all the same, in search of the chimera for our courage, able to shed our own blood for an unattainable dream. Willing to travel a thousand cities in search of the affection of a single romance. We are not cowards. At the mercy of a one-shot game, we bumped into a duel to die under the sky. Without letting the lament frustrate our best moments, we create a world where nobody is sane, a world from which we can not escape. There will be no sorrow or glory to make us feel honored. A long sweet and bitter path in search of meaning, the fallen tree that lived so many years, that look that will break us into a thousand pieces. Therefore, we must appreciate the fragility of the night, not to fear our most painful memories, write in notebooks experiences without fear. Know Relieved that there is nothing written, that the now is a canvas that will always be new.Track Name: Burning Under The Sky It is under the same sky when I miss a blank page without resolved mysteries, where I can write those stories that Others could not, where he could write a sincere account that does not keep secrets. It is under the sky when I miss a blank page without mysteries solved, to remind me to the edge of which I once owned, and without realizing it I am now in prison.

So it is the lie that devours me inside, the deceit of others that clouds my dreams, like the same poison that wounds in silence, everything burns and the truth resurges again. Promises lost in search of help, against many desires that have not yet been written. Chimeras, meaningless after the day, when the stars die.

There are many dreams in the sea, lost treasures that never existed, are now the lure for all those who once believed in true love. It is no longer beautiful where the sun is not eternal, I want flowers born of ice, so I would like to spend the winter. It is no longer beautiful where truth has a price, now the crying reflects all the truth, in a game of which I am prisoner.

I do not want to feel, for a single moment, that the existence of unreachable dreams might be true. I do not want to feel, for a single moment, that it is not possible to blossom after the storm, to be reborn after the battle, meaningless, empty after the gap, that you leave in my soul.

Track Name: Beyond Of the Misery Not to the chimera, enclosed in the truth, the Eden that they promised, it is no more, than a place, beyond the misery, far from the coldness, of the hunting hunger for the despair when the stars stop happening . And to know that there is no legend more beautiful, than that in which the war could be eternal. I must therefore trust that the queen awakens again, from the dark night, I can only hope that someday, there will be no fight or pack that I can not face.

Remote is the line that separates sanity from freedom. My lost look in the same landscape where he is born and dies, appears and disappears, that feeling of not being able to escape, of selling me at any price, without being able to look back. That desperate illusion to not be able to flee, to leave far from here, where the war lives and the streets written my humble will.

There could be a place, beyond the misery, the winter abyss, the hunt hunger for despair, when the stars stop happening. A place where you can appreciate the dawn by the river, feeling under the cold of a thousand petals covering the dew. I want to jump into the void, test what my destiny was, and hope to fall where no one has fallen. Resume the more it has hurt me, risking to find what I have suffered most, renounce sanity for dying surrounded in a blanket of lilies. The Euphoria seems to last forever, there is no summit or shore that is not within my reach, it will be that the gods are still present, in this catharsis of illusion and romance. And in a nonsense all effort is in vain, the light faints, and the ambiguous cries of desire and longing, are lost among the greatest altars.

Fear snatches the last clearing, with each scream is incited to the herald of the scarlet rain, who is oblivious to tears, floods the meadows with which he used to dream. Wounds that bleed from the same chrysalis, which in my day kept my life and childhood, suffer the wrath of the angry devil, who narrated the dawn.

Of The Chimera, The Pain | The day before yesterday

For the last time, the sea is approaching. For the last time, the queen wakes up.

For the last time, the queen wakes up. For the last time, we can see the wake of Venus and Aeneas.

How easy it is to hurt, to bleed, to leave behind the beauty, without stopping to breathe. Dancing, dancing, in an uncontrollable delirium, without memory or morals. I am anxious at every moment to feel that peace is born from good, the struggle for glory, fear of others. Cordura after the wound that will never close again.

Desidia Faced with my fainting, the illusion of a life, promises drifting aimlessly, no place, in this land of laziness. Full of ignorance, eternal in the light of dawn, fleeting when the sun goes away. Woody sea, you bankrupt and destroy my armor. Breathing breeze that you wound my entrails before the pink moon, fruit of the slaughter, reflection of the tears that bleed of my soul. Sinking in the nostalgia far from my childhood, oblivious to the shore of the home from which they departed, my dreams wither, with the passage of time. There is no hope left to save my best memories from oblivion.

And not being able to say that what I feel is sincere, to fear that it is the result of fear. My madness, reason for oblivion that awaits, after the bitterness of this moment. The same pain, running through my veins, nourishes the attachment my heart holds. It is easier to love in this ignorant fortune, than to accept thorns in my hands that burn.

Track Name: In the End Everything was All because of what I stopped living, everything that I am willing to die, fades into I return to the cold winter of which we escaped together, by the Eden of the thaw that in your eyes was appreciated. I must choose between abandoning in the memory, or waiting for my crusade, to be angry with my soul.

To be born again, to feel again, with every glimmer, I return to be, that one day I was.

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