How many times have you wanted to have an organized closet?

And how many times have you dreamed of having the closet of your dreams?

I'm going to give you a series of tips to have the wardrobe well designed and organized, I hope you serve.

Separate clothing


First and foremost, each person tends to dress differently and as they say, for tastes, colors ... so we are going to study the different cases of clothing. There is space to design a good closet or walk in closet. It is necessary to notice if there are more clothes short than long (usually the trend) In the case of men if there are more short clothes, so the ideal is to make a division in the middle of the total height and to place the clothes to two heights .

If we have few long clothes, the space will be smaller. But what to do with the space that is left free? Ideally, you should place a mezzanine shelf to hold bulky things like a duvet or a suitcase.

Shoes and handbags

Here we are the biggest of the problems of the women .... the complements.

The shoes are better that you have them separated, never in the same space as a dress. It is better to place a loft in long clothing than the hollow below you wear it for shoes. They are accessible and visible.

The problem with handbags is that each has a size and there are many models that are empty there is no way to organize them. We have devised a system of order that, as you can see in the photographs, makes order perfect.

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To have an ideal closet there are multiple of accessories.

The pants is a complement where you put the pants directly, without hanger, so that they are much more organized and do not wrinkle as sometimes happens in the hangers.

The dividing drawers are very useful when it comes to keeping handkerchiefs, jewelry, or simply underwear. You can also place rolled ties or place a corbatero .

On the shelves you can put all the clothes that can be folded like shirts, pullovers, poles ...

At two heights in very high parities and that you can easily reach there are folding bars that will make your access easier.

In the case of the locker rooms > or the walk in closet , another area that is sometimes difficult to access are the corners. To do this, ideally, you should place the clothing that you least use. Or frame it with another piece of furniture with less background for easy access.

The mirrors are essential, either in the doors or a large mirror where you can see without problem And in all angles, there is also the possibility of creating sliding doors with mirrors.

In case you decide to create a dressing without doors an option to store all those small objects you can place them in pretty boxes of cloth So that the sight is nice and tidy.

For those closet without doors are beautiful to the eye when designing them is very important to maintain both the verticality and the horizontality of the same, so you get the Desired balance and what we all want to have the effect of a home-shop.

From NABU HOME we will be happy to help you organize your closet and design this important space in your homes .

I hope that helps you,

Until the next blog,

  • Adam Floyd