Golden by chance

Good morning! Today I bring you the set of 32 brushes I bought by Aliexpress last month and taught you on Instagram.

I will not leave the link of the seller to whom I bought them because I sold them saying that on the brushes would put "Bobbi Brown" and I received a set in which I put "Beauty Planet" in each brush, and although the quality of the brushes is not bad and in general I am happy with the case, I do not think it is a way to get sales the deceit.

However, I found the same brushes from another seller, so I leave you the link here.

As often happens with Aliexpress, the brushes that appear in the photos on the web are not exactly all the ones we receive, although the only ones that vary are some of the smaller ones and there is not a lot of difference. / p>

On the web there is a description of what to use each brush, but I, although I have not yet had time to use the thirty-two, I have made another classification with the uses that personally I find more useful: / P>

- GROUP 1: The first group consists of brushes for powdered products. From left to right the first three are used for rouge and the fourth for matifying or compact powders.

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- GROUP 2: The second one is used to contour the face, and the one with the shape of a small fan to apply the illuminator. group is the one of the brushes for background of makeup or liquid makeup. Many I know that I will not use them because they are practically equal to each other. The smaller ones I use to apply correctors in cream, the medians for areas in which we need more precision when applying the makeup and the last and bigger is the one known as flat brush, to apply the base and obtain a result with More coverage than we would get with skunk brushes.

These brushes are used to apply shadows and eye liner, and the use depends on the look you want to achieve, from intense smokes to a single very subtle shadow on the moving eyelid.

- GROUP 4: Y Finally, the last and most invented, lips and eyebrows. The first three are the ones I use to apply the lipstick, it is somewhat improvised, but gives result. The last two have no mystery, are the ones I use to comb and shape my eyebrows. The third brush of the previous photo (shadows) I also use it for the eyebrow kit, but I have not separated it because at the end of the day the products to fill and shape the eyebrows are not far from the eye shadows, for that the brush is the same.

And that's it! I hope you have served this entry to clear some doubt.

As a personal assessment I will say that I am quite happy with the brushes. The ones I use most are those of powders, I have washed them a few times and for now do not loose a hair. As I will say that both the case and the brushes smell terrible when opened for the first time, but with an intensive washing is solved.

A kiss to all and thanks for reading!

  • Adam Floyd