Christmas Shopping in Merida | Yucatan Living

19 December 2006 Daily Life 21

When we first came to the Yucatan, everything we saw was new. We bought ourselves and our families untold numbers of woven belts and cotton blouses from Chiapas, guayabera shirts from Merida and hammocks from all over the Yucatan. Now that we have been here awhile, we have not only learned to distinguish between good and great handmade items, but we have also to appreciate stores that try to provide quality products. After awhile it seems that every store is selling the same tourist items. Not that it's nice to buy a huipile or to send someone a miniature replica of the Castillo at Chichen Itza ... but enough is enough. Sometimes you just want something different (something different).

This is the time when we can gather a few interesting things together that people can not find back home and either take them back to the States for a visit or ship them to our loved ones. They already have the belts and woven henequen placemats ... so we are challenged to search harder.

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Casa de las Artesanias on Calle 63 between Calle 64 and 66 on the North Side of the street. Do not be fooled by the three or four other similarly named (Casa de los Artesanias, Casa de Artesanias , etc.). This store is quite large and offers the best and most varied merchandise. The merchandising is not consistent, but two out of three visits will usually result in a find or two, especially if you space them a few months apart.

Another great place to shop this year is the vintage store called Vintage on Calle 60 between 47 and 49. This store is one-of-a-kind in Merida and is chock full of clothes, accessories, furniture and ... things! Some things are genuinely old, like Mexican beer and soft drink trays or old radios, children's toys and milk bottles. And some things are new but old designs, including notecards, journals, signs, and some clothes. The store is creatively decorated and would be a pleasure to find in any city, but especially in Merida.

The best place to buy a hammock has always been the store called Aguacate, located on Calle 58 # 604 at Calle 73. We've recently discovered a new store on Paseo Montejo right next to the Kimbila Car Rental office near Calle 41 called Mayan Hands.

  • Adam Floyd