China blames India for militarising border

India claims Sikkim border as part of its territory, China has said that the area falls on their side as per the 1890 treaty signed between British and China.

Officials from the Chinese foreign ministry said the "atmosphere" was "not right" for a bilateral meeting between PM Modi and President Xi at the G20 Summit which commences in Germany's Hamburg tomorrow.

India, which has a military presence in Bhutan, says its troops approached a Chinese army unit that entered the Doklam area of the Himalayan nation on June 16 and tried to build a road. "Using the excuse of "helping Bhutan protect its sovereignty", India brazenly obstructs China's road construction in Chinese territory".

On the media front stepping up its attacks through press notes and editorials the Chinese state media here today asked Indian troops to move out of Dokalam area in Sikkim "with dignity or be kicked out", describing the situation as "worryingly tense". "Only by approaching with peaceful resolution, can peace and tranquility of the border areas be maintained".

The standoff in Doka La region has taken another twist with officially controlled Chinese media calling for the "independence" of Sikkim and for the liberation of Bhutan from the Indian "control". "The worldwide community must be aware of Bhutan's dilemma and prevent India from oppressing this small kingdom", claims the editorial.

If New Delhi believes that its military might can be used as leverage in the Donglang area, and it's ready for a two-and-a-half front war, we have to tell India that the Chinese look down on their military power. Anyway, for many years in the past, China has been building infrastructure extending to the frontier regions. "Some Indian friends are deeply anxious at face-off between Chinese and Indian border troops at Doklam".

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"The latest incident happened at a section that has always been demarcated by an 1890 historical convention and reaffirmed in documents exchanged between successive Chinese and Indian governments since then".

China also warned India to not forget the "history lessons" of the 1962 war, referring to the Sino-Indian war that ended badly for New Delhi.

As per official statistics, China has invested Dollars 1.64 billion (Rs 10,094 crore) during April 2000 and March 2017, mostly in telecom, power, engineering and infrastructure sectors.

Talking about how Sikkim became a part of India, the editorial said: "New Delhi deposed the king of Sikkim in 1975 and manipulated the country's parliament into a referendum to make Sikkim a state of India".

The official said Doklam was well within the Chinese territory but India's action had changed the status quo.

Bhutan, one of the world's smallest countries, has said the construction of a road on its territory is "a direct violation" of agreements with China.

  • Adam Floyd