South Korean leader sees Capitol Hill leaders

The meeting will center on a pressing problem that vexes both countries: North Korea.

South Korean companies announced Thursday plans to import more American shale gas and build new factories in the the two countries' leaders prepare to hold summit talks in Washington where trade is expected to be a key issue. He even looked forward to a time when peace on the divided Korean Peninsula would open up business opportunities inside North Korea. Those involved in the assassination plot included former South Korean President Park Geun-hye, said a joint statement by the Ministry of State Security, the Ministry of People's Security and the Central Public Prosecutor's Office on Wednesday.

Moon's team says the trip is about establishing a relationship between the two men.

"Instead of clinging to drawing results on specific issues, we will focus on building a foundation of friendship and trust", says Moon spokesman Park Soo-hyun.

The six-party talks aimed at dismantling the DPRK's nuclear programme, which involves South Korea, the DPRK, China, the United States, Russia and Japan, had been suspended since late 2008.

Trump on Monday hosted Modi at the White House where he gave a guided tour of President's residence quarters, including the Lincoln bedroom and showed him a copy of Lincoln's famous Gettysburg address and the desk on which he wrote it.

When the controversy was at its height, most of the 1,000 North Korean coal mine and construction site workers based at Sarawak in eastern Malaysia fled back to North Korea.

"For too long, have we been closed off from each other", Moon said last week of the North.

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Relations between North and South Koreas have been characterized by consistent tension.

In the last three years, Korean direct foreign investment in the USA nearly tripled to $40.1 billion, and last year Korean companies in America employed 45,000 people and contributed $138 billion to the US economy, according the American Chamber of Commerce in Korea.

On June 20, Trump tweeted that, "while I greatly appreciate the efforts of President Xi & China to help with North Korea, it has not worked out".

North Korea has warned its rivals they are making a "fatal miscalculation" if they believe sanctions imposed by the United Nations will deter it from developing nuclear weapons.

"The two governments share precisely the same goal, which is the complete dismantling of North Korea's nuclear and missile programmes", the official said. Despite commitments from both Seoul and Washington that the U.S-Korea alliance is as strong as it's ever been, both leaders' administrations are new and largely untested.

SK Group signed a preliminary agreement with GE and Continental Resources earlier this week to jointly develop US shale gas. Boosting sanctions hasn't been effective so far because the sanctions are not applied or enforced by all the countries that have agreed to them.

One of Donald Trump's closest advisers has warned that a military option will not be ruled out in dealing with the threat posed by North Korea.

'Their mean and indiscreet act would go in just the opposite direction to what they want, ' Kim said during a debate on non-proliferation.

  • Desiree Holland