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I guess one could say that I am a fan of In Flames all started out with a small Machina movie made about a game called Counter-Strike 1.6. In this movie, a song called "Free Fall" (obviously by IF) made me check out their music and over 10 years listening to IF I've become a hard core fan. I just recently got into checking out my favorite bands live, and having seen about 6 of 20, counting IF, this is the best live show of a metal band I've ever seen. First props goes out to 013 Tilburg for the awesome sound system. It was perfect. Deep bass, lots of treble, nice mid-tones and perfectly tuned. No ringing ears what-so-ever. And then, lemme tell ya, came in the lighting system. Best I have ever seen. They started out with a nice interlude to In Plain View, the curtain dropped as did my, and I assumes everyone else's jaws. Brilliant, goosebumps invoking moment right there. Every single member performed to perfection, only downside was Anders (the singer, you dope) was a bit under the weather, sweating more than the rest and walking off stage to refresh himself for the next some. No biggy, the man rocked the house. In addition to other bands, Anders talked to the crowd on occasion. They are not like the mainstream metal bands which I have seen - doin 'there songs, payin' there dues, no comment and when it's done, it's done. Money in the bank, bye bye. No, Anders and honestly all members had a real connection with the crowd.

Best part was where anders told us that filming was totally fine, but they assured us that they sounded better than live from a monitor. Totally true btw. One guy was pulled on stage since he profusely kept filming and was allowed to tape the members doin 'the on-stage epicness. Brilliant.

In Flames Tickets, Tour Dates 2017 & amp; Concerts - Songkick

I have to mention one downside to make it a review, the lighting at times was a lot too and a fan of drummers, I was a bit disappointed that I could not see Svensson (the drummer) doin 'his Thing.

Epic show guys! ROCK ON.

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