Egypt to Supply Electricity to Gaza

Thabet said Gaza was receiving 112 megawatts of power a day, down from the previous level of 120 megawatts daily Gaza needs about 400 megawatts to meet its daily needs.

"We were informed that the reduction will continue with this rate to include all Israel lines", it added.

The West Bank-based Palestinian Authority (PA) had blamed Hamas's failure to reimburse it for electricity for the reduction in power supplies.

Last month the Palestinian Authority leader put his foot down and said his government would no longer pay the entire bill, insisting that Hamas must take responsibility for governing its people.

Last week, the Israeli security cabinet chose to go ahead with the decision to reduce the power feed, after reaching the conclusion that Israel should not have to cover Gaza's power bills.

The decision will shorten the daily average of four hours of power to Gaza's two million residents by 45 minutes, Israel's security cabinet said.

The PA's efforts to squeeze Hamas come as the terror group celebrates the ten-year anniversary of its bloody 2007 takeover of Gaza, when it killed and expelled forces loyal to the Fatah party, which rules the PA.

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Despite the Israeli-imposed blockade on Gaza, Haley said Hamas is "squarely" responsible for the "terrible humanitarian crisis" in the Palestinian coastal enclave.

In a statement, the electric company confirmed it had begun to reduce supplies on Monday and said shipments would be scaled back gradually, "so that the electricity supply will match the financial commitment".

Last week, Hamas threatened to renew violence against Israel if power is cut.

In April, he reinstated taxes on fuel bound for Gaza's only power plant, making Hamas unable to afford it.

Abbas has also cut the salaries of tens of thousands of former employees in Gaza, hurting the territory's already poor economy.

Mladenov again warned the council that Gaza, controlled by the Islamist Hamas movement, was a "tinderbox".

The Gaza energy authority said Monday's "dangerous" reduction would have "serious effects" in a territory already suffering from chronic power shortages.

  • Adam Floyd