Cuba's Formal Response to Trump's Speech on Policy Changes

No easing of USA sanctions on Cuba, he said, "until all political prisoners are freed, freedoms of assembly and expression are respected, all political parties are legalized, and free and internationally supervised elections are scheduled".

Critics of the rapprochement said Obama was giving too much away without extracting concessions from the Cuban government. He does not believe that we have enemies only because we create them.

"ASTA continues to believe that the American people are the best ambassadors of US values overseas, and should be allowed to freely travel to any destination they wish without restriction from their own government". Rather, the Trump policy will limit the United States' ability to achieve the Trump administration's policy objectives and will weaken the president's position at home and overseas.

In a combative response to the policy announced Friday, the foreign minister, Bruno Rodriguez, said in Vienna that Trump's restrictions on transactions with the Cuban military would not achieve their objective of weakening the government.

And in symbolism that will not be lost in Havana, his crowd included veterans of the ill-fated Brigade 2506, which in 1961 launched the failed USA -backed Bay of Pigs invasion.

Notably, Russia sent its first shipment of oil to Cuba since the 1990s in May of this year.

"Despite today's distressing news, and while it will be hard, if not impossible, for American's to visit Cuba if they go by themselves, it is important to note that Americans will still be able to visit Cuba with a tour group and under a people-to-people program", smarTours co-CEO Greg Geronemus said in a statement to TravelPulse. The foreign minister added that the move will "gravely harm foreign policy" and "reinforces our patriotism and our will to defend the Cuban revolution" on the Caribbean island.

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Cuba could continue doing those deals with the USA, and Cuba President Raul Castro is set to step down from power in 2018.

Trump talks "about business interests, making America great again", he told NBC News. Furthermore, the place in Cuba where human rights aren't respected is precisely the area which is illegally occupied by them at the naval base in Guantanamo, where prisoners are tortured and are held captive without trial, indefinitely, which is completely illegal and inhumane. If a bill were to pass in both chambers, President Trump could veto it-especially given language in the Senate's bill that would constrain the president's ability unilaterally to take terminate Russian Federation sanctions.

Surrounded by a crowd of conservative Cuban exiles in Miami's Little Havana neighborhood, Trump on Friday said he was fulfilling a campaign promise to roll back the Obama administration's opening with the communist nation. Sure that sounds exactly like a reformer in action responding to USA leadership, right?

Worldwide campaigner Human Rights Watch reported that the Cuban government has long repressed dissent and criticism - and it has gotten worse.

The Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation - an independent group that lacks authorization and is considered illegal by the government - received more than 7,900 reports of arbitrary detentions from January through August previous year, according to Human Rights Watch.

"He said he wanted to "do more to support the Cuban people and promote our values through engagement" because 'these 50 years have shown that isolation has not worked'". Here are a few statements that reveal why Donald Trump, along with so many other congressional leaders and Cuban activists, is justified in implementing critical changes to Obama's blunder: In referring to talks to reverse the Cuban isolation policy, Raul declared his position as "the willingness to discuss and solve our differences without renouncing any of our principles". -Cuban relations was Cuba's invitation by other Latin American countries to participate in the 2015 Summit of the Americas.

With regard to the first point, the Cuban government has already repeated its willingness to enter a dialogue, as equals, about the respect for human rights in both countries, because the greatest violation of the Cuban people's human rights is the trade, economic and financial embargo which the United States government has imposed on Cuba. Saudi Arabia, while a key United States ally in the Middle East, is a well-known violator of human rights.

  • Adam Floyd