Cose Lola sew!

I finally finished the New Look. It's the dress I always wanted to have (well, I used to imagine it with sleeves, but I hardly use it). Despite that, I do not think to buy a New Look again. I tested the blouse with an old sheet. I discovered that I was a little loose in the cups and a little short at the waist, so I modified the pattern. I took him about an inch or so on each side of the glass, which was more than justified by the test.

I cut pink phosphoryl in my fabric and when I had it with sight I discovered that it is in the limit of small. If I climb half a kilo it will be noticed. That I fell pretty bad. Otherwise, everything was fine until I got to the neck. Rarely have I sewed with patterns and have always used independent brands, which have me very shamed with precise and exhaustive indications. The New Look comes with a minimal instruction sheet and an incomprehensible Spanish translation.

I was tempted to follow the instructions of my sewing class, but I had already glued my foot to the dress and had to unclog I managed to finish it by instinct, as with the Licorice, and it was acceptable, but I suppose the finished neck reveals that it is homemade dress.

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The pattern also came with errors in the indications, because according to the parts guide the model B, which is what I did, did not require x piece that was necessary.

I wrote almost all of this post more than two weeks ago, and I do not know what to do with it. that's what took me to hit the 12 buttons that I thought to put. I hate to hit buttons.

  • Adam Floyd