Laura Flores returns to the telenovelas with In another skin, by Telemundo (VIDEO) | People in spanish

A few weeks ago, Laura Flores joined the ranks of Telemundo to star in her next novel In another skin , in which she will fall in love with a man Younger than her and where she has been reunited with old comrades.

"I play the role of the pianist Mónica Serrano; She is a concertist, she is in love and married to a man younger than her ... but she does not know that this man has something planned against her. That's where life changes radically, it changes life because death does not stop it, "he explains.

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How is your relationship with your cast partners? We have made a very nice team, we respect each other, we love each other: Vanessa Villela , Jorge Luis Pila , also with David Chocarro , with María Elisa Camargo , that we already did a novel in Mexico together and now that life has put us in this place together again, it is a gift, the truth. "

You moved to Miami a few months ago. And since your arrival in Miami, I've had my arms open, people who are very dear to me, people that I already knew, I met, so it was very fun and very rewarding. Adapting my family is not easy. I have small children, and those did not have any problems. I have a 14 year old daughter, is a teenager, and for her it has been a radical change. She's still in Texas [studying], she's coming soon and I'm worried about her, but eventually the family has to be together.

Did you bring the nanny? Of course, without the babysitter there would be no Laura Flores.

  • Adam Floyd