Cross-Platform Play, 4K Graphics, And More

During the Microsoft Xbox E3 2017 press conference, Mojang came on stage to make a few announcements.

A greatly-improved graphical option will be available via the "Super Duper" graphical update this autumn, presumably timed around the launch of Xbox One X.

Sad to say, the "Better Together" update is not coming to the Xbox 360 and Wii U, so players accessing "Minecraft" using these older consoles won't have the advantage of cross-platform gaming. The Better Together Update brings community marketplace, massive servers and cross-platform play to console this summer, unifying Minecraft across mobile, Windows 10, VR and console! Plus, any DLC you purchase on one platform will be redeemable on the others!

This update will only be available on Xbox One and Windows PC and will look best on Xbox One X and high-end PCs. This enables you to start a game on one platform and then pick up that world and save on any of the others that are part of this unification under the "Bedrock Engine".

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And that's it! We hope you're excited as we are about this year's plans for Minecraft.

The server browser is good news if you're looking for a fresh way to play the game.

The original PC version, now dubbed the "Java Edition", will continue to receive the same updates, and in fact, it has more developers working on it than ever before. The game will also be getting a 4K update that will "bring more graphics options to the game". This Fall, Minecraft will be getting a graphical upgrade which makes the game look super handsome while still retaining its recognizable look. Launching with four servers, Lifeboat, Mineplex, InPVP and Cubecraft - which lets players join public servers that have monthly users numbering in the millions according to the company.

I've asked Sony if it refused Microsoft's offer to enable cross-platform support on the PS4 version of Minecraft, and I'll update this story with any new information.

  • Desiree Holland