Alleged leaker's parents fear Trump will be tough on case

The charge, willful retention and transmission of national defense information, could bring victor up to 10 years in prison.

Though she was active on social media, victor doesn't appear to have discussed her work online.

On Facebook, Winner posted concerns about climate change and lamented that "people voted for a soulless ginger orangutan".

A federal grand jury has indicted a 25-year-old National Security Agency contractor accused of leaking classified material to a news outlet. Reality Winner of Augusta, Ga., is scheduled to appear in court this afternoon.

After authorities determined the model and serial numbers of the printer that produced the secret documents, as well as the date and time of the printing, they were able to arrest victor.

She served six years in the Air Force before she moved to Georgia early this year, according to her mother, Billie Winner-Davis. Reporters gathered Tuesday outside Winner's small, red-brick home in a neighborhood dotted with overgrown yards and houses in disrepair. "She serves her community; she served her country. She believes in always doing what's right".

"She's not a flight risk", said Gary Davis, Winner's stepfather.

Victor printed the report out of the NSA eavesdropping center and submitted it to The Intercept, a national security news outlet. "But we do know she's very intelligent".

Her daughter called her Saturday to say she was in trouble. She is a former Air Force linguist who speaks Farsi and Arabic.

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Victor was among four million people who had access to top-secret files from different security agencies among the country. There were no records of victor misbehaving or receiving disciplinary action when she served the military. In legal documents, an Federal Bureau of Investigation agent stated that victor had admitted to printing the classified information and mailing it to an online news outlet. The website The Intercept reported Monday it had obtained a classified National Security Agency report dated May 5 suggesting Russian hackers attacked at least one USA voting software supplier days before last year's presidential election. The NSA report was dated May 5, the same as the document victor is charged with leaking. Her family knew nearly nothing about her work life, they said. Who with her cat and serving her family a vegetarian meal of barbecued jackfruit.

Winner-Davis told Cooper on Tuesday that if her daughter did what she's accused of, "I know that she's ready to pay the price".

"I'm terrified. I'm terrified that she's not going to be treated fairly and that they're going to try to make an example of her and that's not fair".

CNN has reached out to Pluribus International to ask if it was aware of Winner's Twitter account. David Perdue, a Georgia Republican, after Trump nominated Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency.

And in an angry reply to a report that Trump said he wasn't hearing complaints about building the Dakota Access oil pipeline, victor wrote on Facebook: "I'm losing my mind".

Solari told the judge that victor had admitted to Federal Bureau of Investigation agents during her arrest that she sought out classified information.

Authorities haven't described the report or named the news outlet.

A pattern of tiny yellow dots on the leaked documents themselves would also have offered the government a way to track down the alleged leaker, security blog Errata noted late Monday. That led investigators to think the document had been printed out.

Wearing an orange jumpsuit and leg shackles, victor pleaded not guilty in US district court to charges that she illegally retained and transmitted national defense information. They say they don't know what happened to it or what it might contain.

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