Testimony resumes in Ohio police shooting retrial

Potential jurors were asked Monday about their experiences with police and their views on topics, including the Ray Tensing case itself and the Black Lives Matter movement.

DuBose's death fueled demonstrations against use of lethal force by white officers against unarmed blacks and other minorities, an issue that renewed debate over racial bias in US police departments. Eastern - will wrap up proceedings for the day, as Judge Ghiz has elected to have opening remarks start on Thursday morning.

Testimony will continue Friday in the retrial of Ray Tensing, a former University of Cincinnati police officer charged with murder in the 2015 shooting death of Sam DuBose.

DeGraffenreid gave a terse 10-minute opening to the Hamilton County Common Pleas Court jury of nine whites and three blacks that was seated Wednesday.

Ray Tensing center listens to the opening statement by his defense attorney Stewart Mathews during his retrial Thursday

The retrial judge has ruled that certain pieces of evidence presented in Tensing's first trial will not be admitted in the retrial.

Her approach differed significantly from the one her boss, Prosecutor Joe Deters, took during Tensing's first trial. Usually, jurors in such cases are instructed to consider the lesser charge only if they can not reach a decision on the murder charge.

"Ray Tensing, as he made that traffic stop, he didn't anticipate that Sam DuBose was going to drive off with Ray's arm caught in that vehicle", Stew Mathews told the jury during opening statements at a county courthouse in Cincinnati.

Mathews said DuBose "wouldn't have ended up shot" if he had complied with Tensing's orders and hadn't attempted to flee.

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  • Rita Burton