Nugget of Knowledge: Wonder Woman

"On close-up I looked very much like Wonder Woman", Gadot said.

Along with Gadot being a total bada** throughout the movie, the decision to use a female director garnered major points with moviegoers.

There's a very simple explanation for all of that: it's really rather good. On top of its already strong box office performance, Wonder Woman is also a great movie.

Wonder Woman is somehow the first standalone movie of the most popular female superhero ever. It's also one that's full of moments that are wonderful, whacky, weird, and just plain WTF.

"Wonder Woman" has turned out to be so many things to so many people: an action-packed movie, a masterpiece of feminism, and proof that DC Comics can pull off a successful superhero film.

Jenkins was initially slated to direct Thor 2, but her plan to turn the plot into a film based loosely on Romeo and Juliet was rebuffed by the studio and Jenkins parted ways with the project due to creative differences. To celebrate the opening of the Wonder Woman Shop, the site is offering free shipping on all Orders in the contingent U.S. - with no minimum order.

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The problem for Warner Bros., though, is that they only locked in director Patty Jenkins for one film.

Of the $9.7 million, Wonder Woman earned $6.42 million during the weekend from June to 4.

In Wonder Woman, Dr. Maru and General Ludendorff are hard at work on a chemical formula that will help Germany win WWI by literally melting the gas masks off of the opposition.

As of right now there's no release date yet for Wonder Woman 2, but it's certain Warner Bros. will be going ahead with a sequel.

As for the leading role, many feared that an actress - Gal Gadot in this case - would not be able to offer a supercharged performance capable of keeping an audience glued to their seats for two-and-a-half-hours. It's the latter that built curiosity, to see a female superhero translated on the big screen from a woman's lens. "I was like 'I need her to see some brutality, '" Jenkins told The Hollywood Reporter.

In 1968, Wonder Woman surrendered her powers. But what's important to me is that girls like my niece now have another story of success paving the way to their own, hopefully brighter, future.

  • Carlos Nash