Draymond Green laughs off Magic Johnson's claim about sweeping Warriors

That's high praise coming from Riley, who watched Jordan dominate and housed LeBron James for years in Miami.

"I never understand when people try to compare eras and say, "This team could have beat that team" or 'They couldn't have beat that team, ' or 'This player is better than that player.' It doesn't make sense to me because you're kind of talking two different games".

He does not care that Magic Johnson said his Showtime Lakers would sweep today's Warriors answering that question with an amplified laugh followed by 'That's my thoughts'. Asked by ESPN's Cari Champion who would prevail in a matchup of his Lakers and these Warriors, Johnson replied, "We're going to win".

Magic Johnson threw his memorable Showtime Lakers into the arena Monday night.

Johnson explained his reasoning: "They're too small". Magic's right that the Warriors would have a lot of trouble slowing down Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and would probably be crushed on the glass.

Game 3 has not been a good time for the Golden State Warriors when they match up with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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Better call Draymond Green a Muggle because he doesn't believe in the Magic. Win a title. Period.

Still, comparison between the two is hard, as they played two very different styles in two very different eras.

According to Johnson, the reasoning is that this Warriors team is "too little". In other words, it's highly unlikely that Johnson's crew would pull off a sweep, but it's fun to wonder about it, right? "Nowadays, if you can't shoot a three, you're a liability on the floor".

Magic is a dark horse in the GOAT debate, but we can all agree that he's one of the few players you can even put in that conversation.

The greatest National Basketball Association player of all time?

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