Spicer won't say whether Trump has confidence in Sessions

A report from ABC News Tuesday says that tension between the president and Jeff Sessions has gotten so bad that the attorney general offered recently to resign.

Spicer said, "I have not had a discussion with him (Trump) about that".

The frustration between Trump and Sessions has gone both ways, with Justice Department officials upset that the President's tweets and comments caused problems for Sessions and Rosenstein in the wake of the Comey firing.

The report came just hours after White House press secretary Sean Spicer refused to say if the president still had confidence in his attorney general.

"I said I have not had a discussion with him on the question", Spicer said.

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Sessions' recusal meant that the deputy attorney general would oversee the FBI investigation.

Spicer's "no comment" set off a buzz in Washington partly because the last time he was asked whether Trump had "confidence" in an administration official, that person was James Comey, now the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director. Sources have told ABC News that the recusal is one of the top disappointments of Trump's presidency, and one that he has remained fixated on. Trump has fumed to allies and advisers ever since, suggesting that Sessions made a needless decision.

A spokesman for Sessions declined to comment.

After the election, Sessions was rewarded with one of the most prominent positions in Trump's new administration, atop the Justice Department. "In Mr. Trump's view, they said, it was that recusal that led eventually to the appointment of a special counsel who took over the investigation". USA intelligence agencies have concluded that Russian Federation hacked and released Democrats' emails during the campaign to hurt candidate Hillary Clinton and, ultimately, try to help Trump win.

  • Adam Floyd