First victim of London attacks named as Chrissy Archibald

Christine Archibald, a 30-year-old Canadian, was struck by a van driven by the three attackers on London Bridge.

"The beauty of that girl", Richards said, "Plus the fact her family's humanity offsets the inhumanity of those criminals."Archibald's family says her loss will change their lives forever".

"She had room in her heart for everyone and believed strongly that every person was to be valued and respected, " the statement said.

Born and raised in Castlegar, British Columbia, Archibald had later lived in Calgary, where she worked at a homeless shelter before moving to Europe to be with Ferguson.

Ms Archibald's family said she would have "no understanding of the callous cruelty" that had caused her death.

"I just received a phone call about half an hour ago", says Peter Tilley, the executive director of the Ottawa Mission, "To encourage other people to donate to shelter and remember her that way, it's making the best of a bad situation".

Canadians, and especially Calgarians, are honouring a grieving family's request to pay tribute to their daughter by donating to homeless shelters and other charities.

"Two police officers remained in the back with him, and they had him lined across them and they placed pressure on the wounds and I'm trying to find those police officers now to say thank you", she told CNN.

Within minutes of hearing the message from Christine Archibald's family, Ottawa real estate agent Sean Downey was on-line, making a donation to the Ottawa Mission.

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The couple was visiting London together, and that night Archibald died in his arms.

"It's what she would have wanted", Ferguson Rowe said.

Premier Rachel Notley said Albertans have been shocked and deeply saddened by the attack.

Commissioner Cressida Dick said she was "enormously proud" of the unarmed officer who stepped in to help uniformed colleagues and members of the public.

"Chrissy was a bright light to many, and her generosity, kind spirit and huge heart for her work in responding to issues of addictions and homelessness at the centre inspired us all", the statement said.

"Christine inspired us as we are only too aware how hard it is working with the homeless which most people only remember at Christmas", said Woolford.

So it was bittersweet when Archibald told her colleagues that she was moving to Europe with the man she meant to marry.

"As her family and province mourn, we must never forget who we are - and the diversity that makes us strong". "Canadians stand united with the British people". "Chrissy Archibald's family chose the former". Ultimately, they want us to turn on each other.

Many of those affected were from across Europe and the western world as well as British people, reflecting the cosmopolitan nature of this city - one of the most visited in the world.

  • Adam Floyd