Apple's new iPhones 'Do Not Disturb' drivers with notifications

Various executives took to the WWDC stage and sped through the announcement, highlighting key features iPhone and iPad users will gain later this year when iOS 11 is released. The company also updated iOS features, such a split-screen, a drag-and-drop feature and a dock for apps, on the iPad Pro to improve productivity.

Apple also entered the market for speakers-you-can-talk-to with the HomePod, which is exactly what it sounds like: Siri in a can with a bunch of speakers.

Siri- Siri is now fitted with more artificial intelligence that can learn from users' actions.

Siri intelligence- It will operate with on the device learning and will suggest topics, and respond to it users.

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iMessages in iCloud will now automatically synchronize across devices, but remain end-to-end encrypted. WeChat announced that it "regrettably" had to abolish its tipping feature in order to comply with Apple's new terms. While it's now positioned specifically for music (like a Sonos), you can still ask Siri questions about the news, weather, or sports, as well as control HomeKit-enabled devices like lights and air conditioning. This will help you to optimize device storage and smaller and faster backups of iOS and macOS with end-end encryption.

The new advancement in Apple will allow users to type with one hand. You can send and receive money and authenticate it with touch id.

But what about Apple CarPlay, you may ask? After upgrade, it will give detailed indoor maps around the globe for places like airports and shopping centers.

All new apps and updates to existing apps have had to support 64-bit since June 2015, so any that have been updated in the past two years should be unaffected. Our bright new screens are coming! You can add songs and listen to shared playlists with your friends. This requirement didn't, however, extend to apps already on the App Store. The beta of iOS 11 is available only to developers right now, but dark mode will come to everyone when the new version is publicly launched this fall. Augmented reality Long after its major competitors first began dabbling in AR, Apple has addressed the concerns of investors by announcing its own augmented reality platform.

  • Desiree Holland