Apple sends Mac users to the High Sierra

Apple senior VP Craig Federighi introduced MacOS High Sierra at the annual Apple developer's conference, WWDC.

Apple has announced a new version of MacOS. All beta tester will get the update later this month through the beta tester program and the final version will ship free for all Sierra compatible Macs later on this fall. To Apple's credit, this isn't a last minute decision that they're springing onto developers. Apple traditionally releases macOS after iOS, which leads to October in most cases.

Apple announced the next version of macOS, dubbed as the macOS High Sierra. It's called MacOS "High Sierra". Sign up here if you'd like to join and test out the latest features.

macOS High Sierra CompatibilityHere's the macOS High Sierra compatibility list. To give you an idea of the benefits, copying files takes less time, latency is lower, and multikey encryption support will make it much harder to unlock files. The developers also get an external graphics dev kit to have them started that would feature a Thunderbolt 3 enclosure with an AMD Radeon RX 580 GPU. A feature long asked for - Split View Mail Compose - finally sees the light of the day through macOS High Sierra. UPDATE: It's out now on Developer.Apple and a Beta is coming in Late June. Apple has stated that Safari is now the world's fastest desktop browser.

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Safari's biggest changes came with its focus on user privacy while browsing. Safari will be using Artificial Intelligence to select and block ad trackers when users browse the internet. If you love using and tweaking out your photos, Apple's built-in app, Photos offer plenty of extraordinary editing tools to edit your photo professionally. Numerous new features include behind-the-scene updates that will make your Mac seem faster and more secure. It supports cross device sync option to sync photos from one device to the other.

Third Party Printing Services allow you to print wall art and books.

Unveiled at Apple's WWDC in San Jose, Calif., on Monday, the new operating system runs on the Apple File System (APFS).

What is MacOS High Sierra?

Apple normally needs to restrict some features from older devices due to hardware constraints.

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