Putin dismisses US claims about Trump, Russia and elections

Trump has also disparaged a dossier of unsubstantiated allegations that purported to show Russian intelligence operatives had compromising information about him, but which he has described as a "hoax".

Who on President Donald Trump's team did U.S. Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak meet with, she asked. In no uncertain terms, Putin dismissed the entire Trump-Russia narrative as empty sensationalism.

Senator Roy Blunt, a Republican member of the intelligence committee, said Mr Comey's evidence would be critical to address mounting questions about possible obstruction of justice. All of that I think kind of suits his own strategy.

At another point, Putin answered Kelly's questions about Russia's role in the election by saying that the United States had sought to influence other nations' elections in the past. "There's a theory that Kennedy's assassination was arranged by the United States intelligence services", he explained.

PUTIN: I have no idea ...

"And then afterwards I was told 'Do you know that was an American gentleman and he was involved in some things? Are you all, have you all lost your senses over there?" But you know, I never met with him.

When Putin denied Russian Federation had anything compromising on Trump, Kelly then segued into the next bit of their conversation the best she could, given that Putin was steering it the way of a bad spy novel: "Then the former KGB agent floated a Cold War conspiracy theory about USA dirty tricks", she said. "I haven't seen, even once, any direct proof of Russian interference in the presidential election".

This made some users allude to the notion that Trump and Putin were acting in each other's interests.

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"Well, this is just another load of nonsense". "Where would we get this information from?"

"We didn't have any relationship at all", the Russian president said of Trump. Putin noted that executives from perhaps 100 American companies were now in Russian Federation.

After all, why would anyone think a man who spent years as a KGB foreign intelligence officer might gather information on powerful foreign business leaders when they are in his backyard?

During one part of the interview Putin asked those watching "does someone have a pill" to help Kelly with her "hysteria".

Putin went on to indirectly side with Trump when he blamed the American people of using their wild imagination to draw up political scenarios where their own country officials were colluding with Russian Federation, as a form of extreme protest against their leader. "Good job. Your lives must be boring".

Putin also shot down Kelly's one non-election related question about his reputation for killing journalists and dissidents. "We have a lot of Americans who visit us".

Critics said the rest of the hour looked an very bad lot like 60 Minutes, Kelly's competitor, with segments from other journalists on the illegal marketing of a drug for cancer patients, and elephant orphanage in Kenya.

Kelly transformed into a more demure ensemble when she moderated a panel in Russian Federation featuring the two leaders at the International Economic Forum. Apparently highlights include Kelly mixing up the National Hockey League and the NFL, then laughing about it.

  • Alfonso Moody