President Trump will announce his decision on the Paris Accord Thursday

President Donald Trump is expected to announce Thursday the US will pull out of the climate agreement involving almost 200 countries.

Abandoning the pact would isolate the US from a raft of worldwide allies who spent years negotiating the 2015 agreement to fight global warming and pollution by reducing carbon emissions in almost 200 nations.

Climate change, or global warming, refers to the damaging effect of gases, or emissions, released from industry and agriculture on the atmosphere.

"How can it be the right thing for the United States to create a world where there are two clubs: Everybody else and the United States, Syria, and Nicaragua", said Summers, the 71st United States Secretary of the Treasury from July 1999 until January 2001. He has taken part in the so-called President's Strategic and Policy Forum.

Aides have been deliberating on "caveats in the language", one official said. But Trump's statement was clear and direct.

Donald Trump is expected to ignore billionaire businessman Elon Musk's advice to stick with the Paris Accord on climate change.

US supporters of the pact said any pullout by Trump would represent an abdication of American leadership on a leading issue of our time and would show that the United States can not be trusted to follow through on worldwide commitments.

Under the agreement, every country submitted a plan to lower greenhouse emissions and agreed to meet regularly and share progress.

It could have sweeping implications for the deal, which relies heavily on the commitment of big polluter nations to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.

Will the US stay or will it go? The United States committed to reducing its own by 26 to 28 percent, compared with 2005 levels, by 2025.

He ends the tweet with his campaign slogan, "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!"

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President Trump is relishing the role of decider-in-chief.

Asked what he'd do if the president walked away from the climate deal, Musk tweeted that he'd leave the councils on which he serves. The U.S., he said, is "well positioned to compete" with the agreement in place and staying in means "a seat at the negotiating table to ensure a level playing field".

And 25 major multi-national companies will run a full-page ad in major USA newspapers Thursday: an open letter to Trump, telling him US competitiveness and job creation depends on staying in the accord. This may even isolate the U.S. from its allies as well as most parts of the world.

The confirmation comes amid reports that China and Europe will announce a joint effort on clean energy transition later this week in Brussels as both the political and environmental ground shifts between global leaders and officials in Washington.

The US signed up to the hard-won agreement under former president Barack Obama, but Mr Trump promised to abandon the deal during his election campaign and to boost fossil fuels. That promise helped rally supporters sharing his skepticism of global efforts to police USA carbon emissions.

Trump has repeatedly expressed doubts about climate change, at times calling it a hoax to weaken US industry. He also had to navigate a split among his advisers.

Since he took office, in January, the Trump Administration has found some internal opposition to the decision to withdraw from the Paris deal.

So who is pushing for Trump to have the USA pull out of the deal?

Trump's influential daughter Ivanka Trump's preference is to stay, but she has made it a priority to establish a review process so her father would hear from all sides, said a senior administration official.

Once in power, President Trump and Pruitt have moved to delay or roll back federal regulations limiting greenhouse gas emissions while pledging to revive long-struggling USA coal mines.

Why is the Trump administration seeking to leave the deal?

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