Lorde Hits It Off with Smoothie Cashier, Invites Her to Governors Ball

The 20-year-old singer offered a complimentary ticket to cashier Emely Medina after she served Lorde a smoothie at a branch of Liquitera in NY.

But getting to meet the Kiwi superstar was only the tip of the iceberg for Medina, who later received a message from Lorde inviting her to "come to the governors ball on me".

In the video, she said to the camera, "This is my first famous person (to serve), we got Lorde in the house today".

After making Lorde a cup of "Blue Velvet" (not sure that sounds appetizing, but Lorde can do what she wants), Ayesha filmed herself meeting her the songstress.

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Friends and Twitter followers alike asked if Ayesha would go to the concert, to which she responded: "Absolutely". "I'm crying rn! This is insane".

Her new album Melodrama drops June 16, and the singer recently teased lyrics from another new single set to be released on June 2. She then posted to Twitter in the morning, saying she "woke up trying to figure out if last night was a dream or real life".

But later, she posted a screenshot of her Twitter direct message conversation with the pop star, in which Lorde admits she was too shy to properly talk to her.

Lorde is in NY this week to perform at the upcoming Governor's Ball in the area this weekend.

  • Carlos Nash