Jeremy Corbyn rules out deal with SNP in hung parliament

But Scotland's First Minister and SNP leader said it was unlikely Jeremy Corbyn would be in the position to be Prime Minister, arguing the "reality" was that the Conservatives would secure a majority.

If, as the polls suggest is likely, Labour fails to win power, Mr Corbyn's allies are likely to point to the example of Neil Kinnock, who stayed on to fight the 1992 general election despite losing to Margaret Thatcher in 1987.

"Voting Labour in Scotland risks letting the Tories in", she said.

But during an interview with Bauer and Global radio stations he was pressed on what would happen if he ended up in Number 10.

May has said now is not the time to discuss a fresh independence vote.

"It's very clear that after the European Union referendum Nicola Sturgeon used Brexit as an excuse for another referendum, she pointed to her manifesto as the reason for that".

"I would ask them to think very carefully about it and suggest it would be much better to have this question dealt with at the conclusion of what are very serious and very important Brexit negotiations, where I am utterly determined to achieve tariff-free trade access to the European markets to protect manufacturing and service jobs all across the United Kingdom, all across Scotland, Wales and England as well of course".

Jackson Carlaw hoping Scottish tories can win'between six and 12 seats

What I actually said - "I don't want to see Tory govt or Tory PM".

"If there is any chance of a progressive alliance that locks the Tories out I would want to get as much of the SNP manifesto implemented as possible".

"We know she would demand a referendum in independence as part of any deal with Labour.

The reality of this election, even with the narrowing of the polls, is that we're going to face a Tory government perhaps with a bigger majority", she said. However, they have also rejected independence from the United Kingdom in a 2015 referendum.

They were a major blow to Scottish Labour, which attempted to fix the damage by issuing a statement in Mr Corbyn's name staying that the party "firmly opposes" a second referendum.

"We've got that mandate already", she said, adding that victory would "underline and reinforce that mandate".

Ms Davidson said that meant another vote could not take place "u ntil we know how it's working on the ground".

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