Contestant shatters Plinko record on "Price is Right"

A contestant named Ryan Belz did just that on the show on Thursday on the show's most beloved game, Plinko. "I know a lot of the prices of the items that are coming through the check lanes!" the Penn State University graduate said on Friday. I should know because I was on the show and won a auto, so I can tell you it ranks up there with all-time moments in life.

If you weren't aware, Belz is somewhat of a "Price is Right" fan. Another contestant walked away with $41,000, but again, that was for a special edition of the show called the "Million Dollar Spectacular". He does a lap around the studio before giving host Drew Carey a hug.

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A Price is Right contestant has won the internet over after a breaking the show's Plinko record and winning US$31,500 (NZ$44,935). As the crowd cheered his name, Belz then landed a chip in the middle two more times, much to the delight of the audience. On his first try, Ryan dropped his chip on the highest amount: $10,000. He won $500 with his fourth chip and then, on his fifth and final chip, he won another incredible $10,000. According to Carey, that's a Plinko record.

A new record has been set on the "Price is Right". I mean, who doesn't want to look like this?

  • Carlos Nash