Feet, so I want them if I have wings to fly

I have not written for a long time.

Today I started to remember you. Unlike other times, it no longer hurts so much.

I can not remember you with rancor. You made me the happiest person in the world while we were together. It was short, it was sweet, it was painful.

I do not know if you'll ever remember me. I think you're already with someone else, I do not want to find out, but if it is, I wish you all the best.

Maybe you're not the perfect kid, but for me you were. Your eyes, your long lashes, the curve of your upper lip when you smile. How I loved that.

Your smell, your details, your hugs, those that seem to break ribs. Maybe you had a future, maybe not, but I know that even though you made me suffer, I can not hate you. You do not deserve it. And I told you. You were not the first time I've fallen in love or broken my heart. But you were the first time I ever really loved anyone. So intensely. As long as you were, you are and you will continue to be my first love.

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I would like to be able to fix the things I did wrong with you, but everything happens. It has not been easy, but it does not hurt as much as before. It's a breakthrough ...

I'll never forget our first kiss, the first time you saw me cry, or all the details you had with me.

You've left me a lot of things and I'm not just talking about your jacket (which I sometimes use) or your soccer ball.

Love and love you. How it feels for a person other than your family or your friend to worry about me like you did. That you want the best for you. Let him accept you with your faults, with your dark side. You let me feel like giving everything for one person.

Tomorrow would be our anniversary ...

I hope you are well, and know that this crazy, jealous, tantrum repents many things, but never you!

  • Adam Floyd