New Twin Peaks Series Premiering on Showtime

In the current run-up to the "Twin Peaks" revival, viewers know nearly nothing about what to expect.

"As a TV series it really was the first to focus on a quirky and creepy small town setting". It only showed us a handful of favorite characters, and then only briefly and inscrutably. A seemingly insane old woman, clinging to her log (well, her lamp), integral to the understanding of the town's darkest secrets.

The biggest question of the night, and the most important one: Will it suck?

"Take that, the very idea of a traditional review", tweeted novelist Ben Greenman after the broadcast, summing up the views of many who thought the show was just too unusual for any quick judgment to be fair.

"I have no idea where this will lead us, but I have a definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and odd". Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan), 25 years older than when we last saw him, was still trapped here among backwards-talking spirits, demons, and doppelgänger, including two talking fir trees crowned with tiny brains, spindly and naked as Spielberg aliens, one kinda "I am Groot" cute, one a cancerous sapling that screams things like "NON-EXISTENCE". His focus is always on sounds that are interesting but a little "off", like they are coming from some hidden side of reality just outside of our normal perceptions. "If THAT doesn't work, there's a sternness in his eye that I've seen come out". It, like D4, is as insane - and perhaps, as random - as anything Lynch has created on TV or film. We've gotten to see multiple gruesome attacks in the first two hours, which is more than the whole of season one and two combined. Lawson said there was lot in there to satisfy die-hard fans and also keep people who appreciate visual and musical style but "that the uncommitted may feel The Arm twitching towards the off switch at Lynch's storytelling style". I can say that our development staff was able to recreate this faithfully in Deadly Premonition. Is he going to wreak more havoc 25 years later in the sleepy Pacific Northwest town?

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Arriving today in America (May 21st) and on Monday (May 22nd) in the United Kingdom is Season Three of Twin Peaks and little is known about the upcoming story so below we going to pose five questions about the upcoming season...

When Twin Peaks began, back in 1990, the initial driving mystery was who killed Laura Palmer this then led to the supernatural Black & White lodge and Windom Earle.

But today, at the unspeakable hour of 2am, die-hard Peakers raised aloft their cups of Damn Fine Coffee and prayed for enlightenment.

Lynch directed all 18 episodes, shot over a year ago. Here in the heartland of Twin Peaks Nation, this abominable man in black sows and reaps a pulpy-corny crop of pain and sorrow, mostly by manipulating and murdering women.

  • Carlos Nash