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Valencia a charming town within the Iberian peninsula, located in Costa del Levante >. It is located on the banks of the River Turia , located in the center of Gulf of Valencia . Valencia was founded as a Roman colony , it is estimated that it was there by the year 138 BC

The original name of Valencia was, They were called by their founders Valentia Edetanorum. Approximately eight centuries later, this city was occupied by the Muslims, who introduced in addition to their customs, their own religion and their language, some advances that were forged with the passing of time, a determining and characteristic profile of this charming city. Among some technological developments such as the introduction of irrigation systems could have resulted and even incorporated new types of crops unknown at the time.

Traveling ten kilometers south of the Levantine city, we can find Albúfera Of Valencia . This lake is one of the largest in Spain, and in an environment that occupies seven times its extension, is where rice is grown, the great base of one of the most characteristic and distinctive dishes of Valencia . As a consequence of the economic, cultural and historical value, the Albúfera was constituted in the first natural park, declared thus, by the Valencian Community / P>

The climate of this Mediterranean city , is one of the most pleasant and bearable in Europe. Its temperatures are mild, and as a characteristic, it can be said that the summers are warm and that in the winters the temperatures are extremely generous, because the mercurial column in rare occasions can descend of the ten degrees. They make of this city, a delight to visit at any time of the year. Taking into account also that rainfall regimes are not very copious, which makes it a capital with a benign meteorology, for the traveler, who comes to live the experience of enjoying the city of Valencia Among the many charms of Valencia , one can speak of the inexhaustible options of leisure, culture and enjoyment. Where you can savor if you are young, student, senior, single or if you want to spend a family vacation . But Valencia is not a seasonal city, you can plan breaks at any time of the year. Since this is a living city , one of the most important and emblematic of the Peninsula, including the most relevant of the Mediterranean and Europe. Valencia is a destination to be considered for those travelers from across the seas and from distant continents, who normally must dosify their times, and select the sites they wish to reach, In a whole challenge to have to choose to comply between certain circuits or others. But when deciding, Valencia is always a positively valued city.

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The Valencia Tourist Guide are luxurious hosts for a city visitor Where everything can be done, less bored. Because the prodigy of possibilities is so heavy that time becomes scarce and the imagination is sharpened, so as not to lose anything.

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