Paul Nuttall lacks the personal touch in the leaders' debate

On Thursday night he took part in the ITV Leaders Debate and came under fire from all sides on everything from Brexit, to the NHS, to the economy.

Ms Lucas defended the "huge contribution" made by immigrants and - in one of many attacks on the UKIP leader - said: "It's unfortunate there isn't a single question to which the answer for Paul Nuttall isn't immigration".

The Ukip leader insisted last week that his party will not challenge key Tory candidates in the General Election campaign, and was humiliated as he struggled to slap down Mrs May's Brexit in order to promote his own party's policies.

The reaction in the press this morning is nearly unanimous: the two-hour broadcast was spectacularly tiresome - and irrelevant.

She said: 'Never in my lifetime has our future felt so uncertain.

The comments, made on the ITV's leaders debate, are likely to enrage voters who backed Brexit in the historic referendum last June.

Nuttall hit back with Brexit "is where our future lies".

The two-hour ITV debate would have been the only opportunity for voters to see the leaders of all seven major political parties go head to head live on television.

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Explaining the two leaders' absence, presenter Julie Etchingham said: "We invited Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn - they declined to come".

He added: "The public deserve to see a debate between the only two people who could form the next government".

The ITV debate took place in Salford.

"Will you call me Leanne", Wood said.

Wood also mocked the Conservative manifesto, and said it was a "weak and unstable leadership" not to appear, in jest at the Tory PM's unofficial mantra of "strong and stable leadership".

Both Farron and Lucas said their parties would fight for a referendum on the final Brexit deal, though Nuttall took his counterattack to Farron, whom he accused of not respecting the referendum result. "None of us know what the outcome is going to be, someone will sign off that deal, either the politicians or the people - I trust the people".

Mr Nuttall got into hot water when he tried to reply, calling Ms Wood Natalie for the second time in the debate.

  • Adam Floyd