May The Fourth Be With You On National Star Wars Day

The London Evening News ran a headline that read "May the Fourth Be with You, Maggie", and since then, the day has belonged to Star Wars fans.

According to Google Canada analytics, Dartmouth- or "Darthmouth", if you will-is the fourth-ranked city in Canada when it comes to Star Wars-related searches. Or herds? Or schools?

The most-searched Star Wars moment in Canada was the premiere of Episode VII: The Force Awakens in December 2015. What started as pun warmly shared by fans has become a full-fledged Star Wars holiday: Star Wars Day, a special once-a-year celebration of the galaxy far, far away. "Congratulations", the website said, adding that the day took off once the Internet began connecting fans. There are even some discounts on Star Wars items in the Play Store itself, such as Return of the Jedi being $14.99 rather than $19.99.

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NASA got in on the fun with a blog comparing real planets to the ones depicted in Star Wars, including Saturn's moon, Mimas, which has become known as the "Death Star" moon thanks to its distinctive crater. Which ones were made by true fans? The similarity to one of the movie franchise's iconic lines - "May the Force be with you" - has led fans to claim this day as their own. There are a handful of really great games that take place in the Star Wars Universe.

As in the books, in Star Wars Rebels a central piece of Grand Admiral Thrawn's character is his careful study of his enemies - often accomplished by reviewing the art of their culture.

  • Toni Ryan