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8 recipes for healthy breakfast to lose weight to give your breakfast variety and not always eat the classic dish of Oatmeal or egg whites omelette every morning.

Breakfast is the main meal of the day so why not start our day with delicious breakfast and nutritious foods that will help us get down

The first nutritious breakfast to lose weight is egg with spinach and mushrooms

1 tablespoon of Olive oil

1 cup sliced ​​mushrooms

2 cups spinach

add a little chopped onion, leeks and finely striped parmesan cheese and pepper to taste

How to prepare: Add half the olive oil in a hot skillet, sauté the mushrooms and spinach, and transfer it to a plate. Add the remaining olive oil to the pan. Break the egg in the pan and cook. Add the egg to the vegetables.

Calories: 230-270 with options

The second healthy breakfast to lose weight is a Pan Toasted with smoked salmon

1 slice of whole wheat toasted bread

1/4 avocado

2 oz smoked salmon

How to prepare: Spread the avocado over the toasted bread, then place on top of it.

You can use rye bread that has fewer calories (67 calories per slice) and eat 2 servings for a total of 400 calories.

Our third delicious and nutritious breakfast for weight loss is a scrambled egg quesadilla

How to prepare: Stir the eggs with the pepper and onion. Wrap it in the omelet along with the cheese and the sauce.

The fourth breakfast to lose weight is an Egg Muffin and cottage cheese with fruit


1 whole wheat English muffin
1 sliced ​​hard-boiled egg
1 cup fat-free cottage cheese
Half Graham

How to prepare: Toast a roll English divided into two, then cover each half with the sliced ​​egg. Serve cottage cheese with grapefruit slices on top.

The fifth of nutritious breakfast for weight loss is a berries smoothie

1 banana , chopped
1/2 cup nonfat milk
1/4 cup frozen unsweetened blueberries
1/4 cup unsweetened frozen strawberries
1 teaspoon Peanut butter
1/2 teaspoon Honey

How to prepare: In a blender, combine banana, milk, blueberries, strawberries, peanut butter and honey. Nutrition Breakfast No. 6 Strawberry Wrap with Peanut Butter

1 whole wheat tortilla (8 ")
2 tablespoons natural peanut butter, without crunchy salt
1/2 cup sliced ​​strawberries

How to prepare: Embark the tortilla with peanut butter, add the strawberries and coils. Cut diagonally and ready.

You can accompany with 1 cup of skim milk 1%. Some studies show that eating peanut butter at breakfast can help you control your appetite for up to 12 hours.

Breakfast No. 7 Scrambled Eggs with Salmon

3 oz (85 grams) of Salmon

1 cup spinach

11/2 teaspoon olive oil

2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar


pepper to taste

Healthy Breakfast to Lose Weight # 8 - Strawberry Smoothie with Banana

1 Tablespoon Vegetarian Protein Powder
1/3 cup frozen strawberries > 1/4 frozen banana
1/2 teaspoon Almond butter
1/2 cup sugar-free non-dairy milk (almond, hazelnut, coconut, hemp)
Water to mix (optional)

How to prepare: Combine the ingredients in a blender and mix until you have the desired consistency (to make it less thick add water).

Information Nutritional : 232 calories, 5g fat, 4g fiber, 29g protein.

Studies show that high protein in low fat shakes are very effective in rapidly bringing nutrients to muscles. That's why this smoothie is great for drinking after exercising and helping you with the recovery of your muscles. With vegetarian protein you will get less inflammation in your belly than with whey protein.

Well there you have 8 delicious healthy breakfast to lose weight that I hope will be to your liking and do not forget to return from time to time to this post as I will be adding more breakfasts.

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