Tesla reveals pricing for solar roof as order books open

Tesla Company has already receiving new orders for the innovative solar roof. Consumer Reports estimates that a Solar Roof for an average size United States home would need to cost less than $24.50 per square foot to be cost competitive with a regular roof. When unveiling the solar roof on May 10, the company also began taking $1,000 deposits for the solar roof, and installations will also begin as soon as this summer. Musk's logic is that by building solar generation units that resemble a traditional roof, Tesla could overcome one stubborn hurdle in solar adoption - one of perceived poor aesthetics.

Furthermore, combined with tax credits, the energy generated from the solar roof would save $64,000 over 30 years.

Tesla unveiled its solar shingles in October 2016 at a press event. Tesla's estimate of $21.85 per square foot for its Solar Roof is based on 35% of the tiles being solar.

Pricing will vary depending on where you live (due to subsidies on offer) and the design of your house.

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While the initial amount consumers could save by switching to a solar roof was unclear, Musk said customers who purchased a roof would save "considerable" amounts of money over a traditional roof.

The solar roof and the Powerwall will combine with Tesla's electric vehicles to create what Musk argues is a complete package for everyone to shift to clean energy.

While homeowners may be eager to embrace solar energy, it is important to understand that many people will not be able to cover their entire roofs in solar tiles. "So the basic proposition would be, 'Would you like a roof that looks better than a normal roof, lasts twice as long, costs less, and by the way generates electricity?' It's like, why would you get anything else?"

Bloomberg has recently reported that the company is producing roofing projects at $42 square foot including materials and labor. The solar roof will charge up the battery during the day so that the house can run on the stored energy during nighttime. Production will start "very slowly", Musk told reporters on a conference call, adding he expects robust demand. Panasonic makes the photovoltaic cells used in the solar tiles.

  • Rita Burton