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I talk a lot at charity shops and several people have asked me to write about it. The charities that I go to here in England are business premises run by a charity (there are dozens and dozens of different charities), which sell second-hand products and where volunteers work. They are stores in normal streets (do not think that they are located in hidden alleys), where everything is found from clothes, shoes, books, crockery, toys, fabrics ... all at very cheap prices. Some stores also sell furniture and others are specialized in one product (my favorite are bookstores). They live on donations, enjoy many tax benefits and all profits go to the charity that the store belongs to. In my view, they are extraordinary institutions because all the entities involved win with them. Ordinary people have a place to leave what they no longer want or need, instead of throwing it all away; the customers of the charity shops have access to a huge array of things, from clothes from the last season to dishes with more than 50 years, books, records, etc .; Charities have alternative income to cash donations (more information here).

Obviously, these stores are full of junk. But if a person is attentive and persistent, he can discover many treasures there. It all depends on the patience and interests of each one. For example, when I go into these stores I go straight to the books, then I look at the dishes and the body and the house clothes (always in search of good fabrics). Sometimes it is an entry ticket, but on certain days I can spend hours browsing through books (always arranged by topic). Everything in the picture up here came from charity shops, including the table, and it's a good sample of what interests me. There are those who like to buy clothes, tea cups, puzzles, hats ...

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Of course these shops are full of junk. But there are also treasures to be found, provided that you are attentive and persistent. It all depends on one's patience and interests. Take me, for example: when I enter these shops I go straight to the bookshelves, then I take a look at the bric-a-brac section and I browse the clothes and household rails (always in search of good fabrics). Sometimes it only takes me two minutes but on certain days I can spend hours looking at books (always sorted out by themes). Everything in the picture above has come from charity shops, table included, and is a good sample of what things interest me. And as I want you to take some advantage out of these forays, I bought a book to sort out. The title is The Real Book of Making Dolls and Dolls Clothes and was published in 1959. The draw will be open until Sunday; To participate, just leave a comment to this post.

And because I want you to benefit from my excursions, I bought this book to give away. The title is 'The Real Book of Making Dolls and Dolls' and it was published in 1959. To enter the giveaway just leave a comment below; I'll draw a winner next Sunday.

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