UK's Labour Party stung by early leak of election platform

But Mr Brown failed to mention Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn at all in a 25-minute campaign speech, instead urging voters in Coventry to back Labour's three candidates for the city at the General Election.

The missing man: Jeremy Corbyn was not mentioned by Gordon Brown. Police said one of their vehicles had been involved and that the incident would be investigated.

Channel 4 journalist Matt Spencer tweeted a video of the cameraman receiving treatment, writing: "Jeremy Corbyn was in the auto as the tyre ran over this man's foot".

"But as Geoffrey (Robinson, former Coventry MP) has just said, we don't know what her hand is - she is not telling us what her hand is in these negotiations".

He was injured as the Labour leader's convoy was mobbed by a crowd of journalists.

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Ambulances had to rush Wooltorton to hospital, and Scotland Yard - which supplied Corbyn with the driver - is to be investigated.

Giles Wooltorton was injured by the left wheel of the auto carrying the Labour leader to the gathering, which is the subject of intense media interest after the party's draft manifesto was leaked to the press.

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May has called an early national election scheduled for June 8.

A leaked copy of the manifesto also shows that the Labour Party will consider to re-nationalise energy, firms, railways, bus companies and Royal Mail, which was fully privatized at the end of 2015.Labour will also consider to abolish university tuition fees if it wins the general election, The Guardian reports.

There were also proposals for a new Ministry of Labour to deliver investment in enforcing workers' rights and zero hour contracts will be outlawed.

  • Adam Floyd