Conservation of Areas of Importance for Birds | Audubon

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Many of the most loved and most biologically diverse landscapes in the United States and Canada are in grave danger. From the arctic slope in Alaska to the Mississippi Delta, and from the Long Island Strait in the northeast to the Everglades wetlands, it is important that we do not underestimate the power of the Areas of Importance for Birds (IBA, for their acronym in English). Audubon is leading the protection efforts of such iconic sites and the birds depend on it, so we have mobilized our network of local divisions to function as administrators.

The threat

Birds depend on a range of diverse habitats and the threats they face vary to the same extent. Grasslands have been losing territory in the hands of residential development. Forests disappear because of overexploitation of timber. Poorly planned energy development results in the occurrence of negative effects for many species of birds and other living beings.

The Audubon Solution

As a local partner for BirdLife International in the US . Audubon heads the ambitious task of identifying, monitoring, and protecting those places that are important to birds. We also collaborate with 19 international partners in order to extend a protection network throughout the Western Hemisphere. To date, Audubon has identified more than 2,700 IBAs along nearly 400 million acres of public and private land in the US. UU. Among them, there are high-priority global IBAs - places like the Bay of Jamaica in New York City, areas within the arctic slope in Alaska and coastal shelters of birds in Texas.

  • Adam Floyd